Submission of regular monthly reports (přehledy)

  • Timely adjustment of costs in case of change of salary or remuneration amounts
  • Drawing of supporting documents on salary/remuneration amount
  • Passing inspections held by social (PSSZ, OSSZ) and medical (VZP, OZP, etc.) insurance agencies
  • Communication with social and medical insurance agencies and the tax office

We also:

  • Register companies and persons who are paid salary/remuneration in all necessary official institutions (social insurance agency, medical insurance agency (VZP or any other according to a customer’s requirement)
  • We do monthly payroll postings to company accounting records
  • We draw up and send necessary monthly reports (přehledy) to respective authorities
  • We provide these authorities with our contact information and discuss problems (if there are any) with them by ourselves without our client’s participation
  • On client’s request we provide all supporting documents on salary/remuneration amount required by state authorities (by Ministry of Interior to submit documents for long-term and permanent residence and citizenship or the documents required by banking institutions to apply for mortgage).
  • If necessary we pass inspections held by medical and social insurance agencies and tax office.
  • We can take out certificates of good standing (potvrzení o bezdlužnosti) as well as confirmations of medical insurance (potvrzení o pojištění) needed to obtain or extend long-term residence permit.