Our company has worked in the Czech market since 2007 and our main areas of activity are:

  1. Advertising and marketing services
    • search for sponsors, and organization of sponsorship
    • development and implementation of advertising campaigns in the Internet
    • search for partners and suppliers
  2. Wholesale trade and intermediary activity in the wholesale of building materials and construction equipment, ventilation systems and spare parts.
    Wholesale supply of food additives and export of used fork-lifts.
    Organization of transportation of goods and intermediary activities in the field of transportation services.

  3. Wholesale of stock and overstock of Amazon goods from a warehouse in Prague.

  4. Accounting and consulting services
    • registration and management of companies
    • accounting
    • legal support of export-import goods
    • counterparty analysis, counterparty risk assessment
    • assistance in collecting documents for residence permits, permanent residence, citizenship, etc.